Pain without Pain Killers

April 27, 2010 at 5:18 pm (falling sick, pain killers) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

P.S : Before you start I would like to say that this not for the “ewww-hearted”.. lol

   I am not all that good with time but the pimples that come to visit me ever so often these days are always right on time for big and important  events. So I get up on a thursday morning and I see a little and comfortably avoidable pocket of puss on the left side of my face, right next to my nose. And I have the urge to push it out of my face, after all I want to look pretty even if Im at home and the only person to see me up close is my boyfriend. Well then, getting back to the point I flushed out the puss and all that remained was a small red patch, which I thought would somehow melt into and with my wheat complexion and then later I would just have to use a tad bit of a concealer. My awesome plan would have worked had the pimple on my face been a pimple. It turned out that it actually is a boil!

   So day one turned into day two with the boil becoming a little bit bigger and redder. All hell broke lose when I had to travel in an overnight bus with the boil burning my face and the cold that had caught on with me. I was feeling feverish and my joints where aching and we were traveling to Goa for my boyfriend’s granny’s funeral on the last sear, which only made things worse because when you are in India you will prefer anywhere but the last seat, given the road conditions, if you know what I mean. We reached the next day and I was feeling like I was a 100 years. The boil on my face had off course become bigger overnight. It was hot and humid and I was carrying a large boil and it was causing the left side of face to swell up. Argh!!!! 

   The very same day we had to make a trip back to Pune, where I stay because of my boyfriend’s exams. So there we were again traveling by bus on the last seat, with my boil and my cold and my aches. By the time we got back it had managed to grow bigger without any help and my face resembled humpty Dumpty’s. And FYI I’m of an oriental origin aka “chinky” and with the swelling taking over my face my eyes where becoming smaller and smaller (read : chinkier and chinkier) The next day i finally went to the see the doc and decided to ask her for a medicine that would dry up the boil. She told me to lay down and the next thing I knew was that she was pinching the boil to get the puss out and all the while like a brave girl I did not even flinch. Not because Im brave but because I was paralyzed with the pain and I was sweating profusely. The nurse dressed the remains of the boil and the doc prescribed some meds. I thought that this was the end of my agony only to get up today in the morning that the swelling is still there and the boil is very much there. Its been five days and I know that there are more painful days ahead, but I’m not gonna give up to the pain. 5 days without a painkiller and I’m gonna make it without one, no matter how long it takes. Say no to Pain Killers.

MY "swell" of a boil...


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