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The Marrian webster dictionary defines fashion as ” a general term and applies to any way dressing, behaving, writing, or performing that is favored at any one time or place <the current fashion>. I am somewhat on the same page. For me fashion is not only what we wear but also who we are. It is what we eat, how we act and I may be a little too bold when I say that it is in fact an integral part of who we are, it is our essence. It is a way of silently shouting out in todays busy and cold concrete world that we are here and it says “notice me” for I have been here. Fashion is timeless and beautiful and according to should not be defined merely by what the fashion gurus have to say. I mean you don’t always have to swear by it. Fashion is about owning what you wear and it does not matter if you are sporting a leaf skirt like eve did, if you’re wearing it you might as well rock it rather than looking uncomfortable and self-conscious, which does nothing but draw more attention towards you rather than away from you.

I do not believe in “size zero” and I do not believe that in order to look beautiful one needs to starve oneself and I’m not saying this because I’m not a size zero but because I believe that food exists for some reason and that reason is to be “eaten”. I like the thought of having a flat ab but I cannot bare the thought of going through a day only with an apple. I mean I like apples and all but ONLY an apple a day will only increase my medical bill. Ladies feel beautiful inside out no matter what your size. Be confident and believe in yourself and it will show on the outside. After all what’s in the size right! All that is number and you do not want to be reduced just to a number. There is more to life then a mere number that actually represents “nothing”! touche…

There are people again who think that fashion is what is on the runway and they rightfully spend thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to achieve the perfect fashionable look. We my dear readers, people like you and me have to look for alternatives and I believe that we are more gifted because we make the look work for us at and with the disposable income. Off course sometimes we have got to treat ourselves.. 🙂 I have had to cut back on my spending and I have discovered a whole new world of cheap shopping that I never knew existed. However, given my weakness for shopping just because I shop cheap and save more does not mean that I save more, I just get to shop more!

I will tell you this before my next post though, I was not always good at dressing up. My mum has played an important part in my metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly that I am today. She introduced to me to the world of colors and saved me from my otherwise mundane color chart. Hats off to the lady who made me who I am today, I still have a lot to catch up on her class, elegance, confidence and strength. My life and my love of fashion; a tribute to and a celebration of the lady who made it all possible and who still does charge me every time I am down (in the dumps).

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